Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Don't ask me to SEO your press release as a refusal may offend

I've just had a press release for something that might or might not be interesting. Along with the unprofessional plea for a story or link that I get on the more amateur press releases, where they don't understand that my duty is to the readers and editor, not to include a story because it will bring them traffic whether their product is relevant (and apart from the fact they they haven't looked at my profile at all, because I rarely if ever write news), this particular plea includes the link spam terms they'd like me to use.

Will I please spam your product and use your SEO terms? Er, no. If I were to cover your product it would be in my own words. And by asking for free SEO, you're not flattering my outlets or making yourself look savvy; you're making it hard for me not to delete your release instantly on principle. Also, your press release is full of grammar mistakes (its/it's). If this is PR 2.0, heaven help us.
Tags: pr, rant, seo, writing

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