Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Hello MSN, this the clue delivery you ordered...

I've only just had this pointed out to me and I have to smack my hand to my forehead publicly and say 'yer what?' - I couldn't believe this was a few days ago and not three years ago.

If I buy these songs on your service - and they're locked to my phone - what happens when I upgrade my phone in six months' time?

Well, I think you know the answer to that.

Can you really expect people to buy music that's locked to a device they upgrade every 12 to 18 months?

I didn't realise phones were churning that quickly in the marketplace these days. I'm sure there are some users who change their phone every year.
Hugh Griffiths, Head of Mobile at Microsoft UK

Tags: microsoft, rant, technology
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