Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Netbooks have to work a little harder to impress me these days

Today I am mostly buried under a stack of netbooks, starting with the LG version of the MSI Wind. Everyone tells me the Wind a good netbook and the LG a good version of it. Mmmmm. I like the idea of built-in 3G; alas, it isn't working with my 3G SIM, even after I've deleted the profiles left by the last reviewer (either K or P, going by the profile names or the User folder: hint to PRs everywhere - use the restore disc to put the machine you are sending out for review to out of the box status (and check headsets for earwax)). Also, OpenOffice Writer: I'd forgotten how much I hate that it has Clippy popping up as a lightbulb. So far, not my favourite keyboard ever (that's still the HP, which is waiting for me at the bottom of the pile). And built-in wireless management software that only supports WEP and not WPA? How very 2005...  
Tags: netbook, rant, technology

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