Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

IT Expert: read issue 2 online

All the features from IT Expert go up on the Web site when we send the magazine out to subscribers and you can see everything in Web-friendly format over at If you've been waiting for the latest episode of Fluff, you can now find out what Ethel said... But there's a reason we have that most retro of formats, a paper edition: you can present information in a very accessible format on the printed page. So if you prefer the printed layout but you didn't sign up in time to get issue 2 - or you don't have a UK address to sign up with - you can now get it from the site as a PDF. While you're there, if you work with IT and small business and you haven't already signed up, fill in your details - you might still be in time for issue 3.
Tags: it expert, writing

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