Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Six out of Windows 7

Back at the end of August, TechRadar and PC Plus asked me to tell the world Seven things about Windows 7

Back at the end of October we got to try out Windows 7 for ourselves and really, it's only because we can't decide who gets which laptop that I'm not using it as my main OS (yes, it's not even beta yet, yes it seems to be extremely stable and yes, using it as my main OS would be the easiest way to find out if it's not). We've written quite a lot about the different aspects of Windows 7 in the last few weeks; I was invoicing for a couple of the pieces today and came across the prediction piece and I wondered how accurate we were. Six out of seven: I predicted a consumer hypervisor and Mike Nash said it didn't make the cut for reasons of getting Windows 7 out on time.

It might be neater if I'd only written seven pieces about it, but there's the PC Plus piece that's not online yet and a couple of others on specific aspects of Windows 7...

FT Digital Business - Windows 7's magic trick
TechRadar: Windows 7 pre-beta review
Tom's Guide: Windows 7 Pre Beta in pictures
TechRadar: how Microsoft plans a future in the cloud with Windows Azure
TechRadar: Windows 7, Office 14 and the future of the PC
IT Pro: the unique advantage of the PC is choice
TechRadar: More stickers to confuse Windows 7 buyers
TechRadar: Windows 7 netbook specs

And then there's TechRadar: 7 cool MSR projects (when reading the intro, remember as a Brit I do irony and sarcasm) and Tom's Guide: a second light on Microsoft Surface....

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