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Credit crunch shopping

Actually, I always look for markdowns and special offers; Saturday afternoon isn't the best time to do it (Wednesday is probably peak markdown day) and there wasn't that much so I picked up English mince at for £5, which is a minimal saving. And then I had to grab an onion and parsley, and the lazy chopped tomato with basil in a jar looked nice, as did the pot basil (between holy basil and the standard stuff, very small leaves) - and I still forgot the mushrooms. And having spent a while scrubbing the hob clean, almost the first thing I did after starting my mother's spaghetti bolognese was spill mince on the stove. I'm experimenting; I added a strand or two of saffron and a shake of ground bay with the ground pepper and deglazed the onion pan with the balsamic vinegar. The wine tonight is Norman's The Monster Zinfandel. I want spag bog with mushrooms disintegrated in it so I've saved half the onion and mince and tomato and tomato puree to do it over again tomorrow.

I noticed last year that the effect of my mother's recipe is much like American Italian sauces; as she lived in the US for 13 years, I suspect that's not an accident.

We noticed that in the spirit of the New Austerity, Waitrose has designed many of its own brand labels in a new, simpler look with no ornamentation. There are no honeycomb chocolates labelled Credit Crunch, which I hear Selfridges is selling...

p.s. Good News, Everybody! My bank has refunded the Significant Amount of money taken out of my business bank account in three fraudulent transactions at the end of last month and I am much relieved.



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15th Nov, 2008 22:51 (UTC)
Hurrah for the bank!
15th Nov, 2008 23:32 (UTC)
if they had had an out-of-hours number I would have been a bit last stressed about it the whole trip - I spotted the fraud at 11pm the night before flying to LA and couldn't report it to anyone who could do anything until almost close of business Monday UK time and they couldn't tell me if I'd get the money back... so it's hurrah *now* ;-)
16th Nov, 2008 06:25 (UTC)
I understand. Slow bank. Need to get up with the 21st...
16th Nov, 2008 06:07 (UTC)
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