Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Maybe I belong in the gutter

Because I'm looking at the strars... Overnight at a Travelodge, breakfast at Figaro on North Vermont (good food and friendly people) then coast road through Santa Monica and up the PC, coffee at Summertime (no time for sandwiches, just corn raspberry muffins) and through darkness to a cornish game hen and hot tub in Paso Robles.

Today we went wine tasting at new places: Peach Canyon, JanKris (very nice, very much our kind of place - down to the till crashing), Hunt Cellars (the off-menu zins are the most rocket) - and back to an old favourite, Norman, for great Zins - but the National Irony Society signs are gone! Back in the deer and star filled dusk and now some work before dinner... This might be my second day off in two weeks.
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