Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

yays and nays

Yay - can has purple nail pen! My plan to single-handedly support the Sally Hanson nail pen lines is working with new colours, including purple and midnight blue. All I need now is pale green and the time to paint my nails.

Yay - we got our writing marathon done and have nothing more to do until wednesday. That means we can finally head into the desert - Joshua Tree here we come. And if you have to hole up for the weekend and write, a motel in Desert Palms with a pool and hot tub is a nice place to do it.

Yay - the branches of Sherman's kosher deli restaurant in Palm Springs and Desert Palms do excellent breakfast, brunch and sandwiches the size of two clenched fists. With, um, bacon.

Yay - In-n Out Burger!

Yay - Trader Joes new and exclusive wahabis rice seaweed crackers are awesome. Must buy more, for some strange reason the packet is empty....

Yay - satellite radio in the car.

Yay - I really like Windows 7 which is good because I'm writing so much about it I have to use it.

Nay - the fraud department at the bank for my business account has not phoned in waking hours for a week and may not have phoned at all and is never available when I call.
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