Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

TG: Toshiba Portege R600 first look

Like just about every other computer maker, Toshibahas a netbook on the way. But its new premium ultraportable Portégé R600, announced this week, is the real lightweight. Read my first look at Tom's Hardware - with a photo of the truly tiny motherboard.

This is the successor to the tiny R500 that Steve Ballmer taunted Guy Kawasaki with at MIX this year. With the SSD and without the 75g DVD drive it's so light you can't quite believe it's a PC. It's lighter than the NB100, Toshiba's netbook, which looks like a Portege that's shrunk in the wash. I weighed the battery: 305 out of the 770 grams (add a hard drive and the DVD drive and you might crack 850g). It's almost enough to make me give up on tablets (I really do waver back and forth between HP and Toshiba as my favourite supplier and they're going in very different directions).
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