Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Pigging out

To celebrate a friend of ours going back to Seattle, not quite as many people as requires to eat all the food stuffed ourselves at the wonderful St John in Smithfield.

If you get enough people you can take the small dining room and have a suckling pig. We had the bone marrow salad to start. Plus a kohlrabi cucumber salad in case the parsely didn't cut the unctuous marrow enough. You get a pick with a scooping end and a jabbing end and you scoop the marrow out of sawn roasted bones onto toasted bread and sprinkle with fleur du sel. It's rich and umami and bland and salty and refreshing all at once.

The suckling pig is juicy and meaty with thin crisp crackling and a very little suety sagey stuffing. Plain new potatoes and cabbage are all you need, and a proper separates in the jug, not thick or creamy gravy.

When you can eat no more pig, there's a pause and wonderfully light and toothsome spotted dick with a treacled surface and pouring custard with a forest full of vanilla seeds in. And a plate of cheeses - stilton, camembert and I think port salut and aged gouda- with carta di musica and fruit bread. The wine list looks excellent and wholly french but we were drinking Meantime beers - helios lager and union ale. Mmmmmm.

And in the loo is the first Dyson air blade hand dryer I've met. I hate air dryers. They're inefficient and unhygenic (hot enough to kill germs is hot enough to burn and warm and wet = an incubator for germs). The Dyson blows and sucks at the same time with enough force to actually dry your hands as you move them through the stream of air. Perfect for washing up after a gloriously unctuous meal. Shall not eat for days - and we all came away with piggie bags of pork too :)


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