Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

FT: Internet Explorer 8 and Chrome

You find the web page you want. You scroll down, find what you need to know, close the page and get back to work. Then two minutes later, you think of something else you need to check, so you have to either trawl through your browser history or run the search all over again.

Frustrations such as these are one of the areas Microsoft hopes to address with its new version of Internet Explorer, which lets users right-click any tab to re-open the last browser tab they closed or choose recent pages on any new tab. Read the rest at the FT

I'd say the 'reload the tab I closed' is the most useful thing I notice in IE 8, but I already had search in the page and reload on crash with IE 7 Plus - but the search highlighting history and favourites is a close second. Code-wide, this is still a beta - but it's not a bad beta and it's now my daily browser.

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