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Sticky in San Jose

Last weekend we were wanting to distract ourselves so we packed in fun and good times with friends; the 06 release party at Ravenswood and a tasting at Imagery and dinner at the Rutherford Grill with Ian who moved from London to San Francisco and sethop who was over from New Zealand and then breakfast at Hobees with Seth and a visit to the Palo Alto Street Fair to pick up more glass jewellery from Kevin Siggins (*) and a glass heart for the living room window that I wonder about making a remembrance for Calli and then up into the hills to see elimloth and spiritmoving and talk and geek out and cry and hug and talk and shower outside under the redwoods and rush to make the opening of the NVIDIA conference.

NVIDIA geekery will go on the work blog, but I will mention the giant columns of foaming yellow liquid gushing into the air. Mem to self: if you ever want to dye fountain water, remember that air and foam will change the saturation and tint significantly and that yellow jets have some mental associations. There was much eye candy of the CG kind and I collected two more astronauts and a trip to Original Joes. Tuesday evening we went up to the city to see IE 8 and hang out with the IE 8 team and talk about HTML 5 and, for some reason, dogs and SEO. And Wednesday the Mythbusters guys closed the conference with parallel paintball art and tanais came down by Caltrain to hang out - and it was so hot we scooted over the hill for ice cream in Santa Cruz and then back for dinner with our charming hosts rowanf and Russell at a beer garden barbecue and getting tanais back to the Caltrain made sense of going to Mountain View for a late browse at Bookbuyers.

Yesterday we holed up and worked! Today we're mostly worked, except for the great brunch at Original Joes, which is going to be dinner as well (we're not going back, it's in the fridge!). And the question is - what do we do next?

Himself is hankering for mountains. I fancy somewhere we haven't been but it would also be nice to do another day out with tanais. And we have to be at SFO on Tuesday... Any suggestions?

I was only going to get Kevin to fix up the bracelet I dropped on a tile floor, but then I saw the new metallics he's doing in a reducing flame and had to buy these.

and then I wanted something to match my heart necklace that wouldn't get caught in it and while he was digging out some deep red bent loop earrings he found some deep orange ones... Browse the the galleries on the site: I don't have one of everything quite yet ;-)



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29th Aug, 2008 23:53 (UTC)
Want to join me for the Tapestry arts festival tomorrow morning? I think I'm going to park at the Bascom station and take LightRail in to downtown to avoid the fun of parking and of getting back into a burning car.
30th Aug, 2008 00:10 (UTC)
Oh, those are *gorgeous*.

I love reading your adventures.
30th Aug, 2008 04:48 (UTC)
I have a lot of the long twists - one in leaf green and sunny orange twisted together - and the looped twists and the colours are just so vivid and the shapes are huge fun. and I've watched him grow the business from a hobby to the point where he sells in the Smithsonian museum store ;)
30th Aug, 2008 22:42 (UTC)
Oooo... that's *really* cool then. Neat to see something like that grow up and get popular.
30th Aug, 2008 05:00 (UTC)
Gorgeous earrings! Will Kevin be at Tapestry in San Jose this weekend, do you know? I couldn't find any mention of arts festivals on his website.
30th Aug, 2008 06:23 (UTC)
I think this weekend he's planning to go into the workshop and make more stuff, but he might be on the embarcadero in SF sunday or monday - he's kevinsiggins-AT-yahoo.com if you want to check ;-)
1st Sep, 2008 16:17 (UTC)
... I wonder about making a remembrance for Calli ...

Beautiful idea. Maybe put it in the window that she used to sit on the sill?

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