Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Rainbow in my hair

Standing at the mirror in our room at the Days Inn, a rainbow painted the short hair below my braids; something must be a prism.
We flew from San Francisco to Cincinnati on Sunday to break our journey overnight with my sister. Pizza on the porch and brunch at What's for Dinner (the black bean lasagna is excellent, so I recommend that) and we stocked up for the next flight at the pastry shop behind it, which does delicious raspberry brownies and cherry slices in tiny portions because they're so rich. Then we were only going to take a turn up and down the street to work off lunch but window shopping turned into buying a window. Well, it's stained glass with a nautilis shell in, which will hang on a window somewhere at home. Getting it home? that's the challenge... I was only juggling two jars of preserves and a half bottle of wine before, which isn't a challenge at all really...

We flew out of Columbus, which is a ride across a green, green plain, past the building with the confederate flag on the roof that might be Klan Kentral. Small airport... hidden behind twisty roadworks, where we spotted the USB charging ports at the gate. No marks for the Southwest trolley dolly who saw that Simon was carrying my bag because while my back is much better it still aches when I carry a heavy bag or sit on a plane for a few hours so I prefer not to do both - and said I had to carry them myself in case other passengers complained that Simon had too many bags! Also the man in the seat in front of me dismantled the window looking for the missing blind - twice...

The Days Inn in Orlando is right across from the convention centre. I prefer the Red Roof Inn next door, where we are next week, but th was perfectly satisfactory; the lifts and doors are scuffed and dingy but the rooms have been refurbished. The pool towels are the size of tea towels but it's a nice pool. Scored my first ever IHOP, but had a tuna melt instead of pancakes and it's much nicer than a Dennys... The Red Lobster next door is a big step up - lobster for less than £15 and everything we've had there has been really good - especially the cheese herb biscuits. We picked Cafe Tu Tu Tango because it was next to the Pirate mini golf (some holes in one, some balls lost in the water and several hysterically funny shots where we sent balls onto the next hole, bounced them off walls and on the last hole Ian overshot the green altogether and sent the ball down the stairs to the exit) and it's quite odd; mexican fusion tapas, art on the wall most O level classes would be ashamed of (all for sale), and a mix of tango, belly dance and table magic to frighten and entertain the patrons. The apricot lamb chops and potato quesadillas were nice though. And the sushi at Ran Getsu is always good; excellent miso sea bass, dynamite Dynamite eel roll with lobster tail sauce on top. Not cheap and I'm never happy when they put 18% service on without the option, for two people.
Work-wise, it was a little odd; very low key for some very significant announcements - and Bill's last ever keynote, which he rather phoned in. The just-turn-up meetings were a bad idea; booked up in minutes by the first people to arrive so the MS folks had to work through lunch to fit the rest of us in.... Very glad it's LA next year too.

And today we're flying back to Cincinnati - in fact we're just about to land. It's been nice to watch the setting sun paint the lakes and rivers golden and the cloudscapes really do look like Bespin sometimes. geek? me?
Best t shirt of the week; fake university crest for the U of STF.
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