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Dot, go one and climb into the wardrobe

The Jeffster came home from the vet today, with his rear leg replaced by a line of stitches. Our plans to keep him quiet in the spare bedroom went out the window when he looked at the door, then pawed at the door and raced upstairs - straight up two flights of stairs without stopping to wonder about his balance). He settled on the landing for a bit then Looked at the bedroom door; we let him in and he climbed into the wardrobe in his usual spot, shedding all over Simon's trousers. He's quieter than usual and he hasn't come down to be sociable yet, but I think it's mainly the indignity of having had his haunches shaved for the op. Checkup in five days, stitches out in ten and the biopsy results after they decalcify the bone sample.

It's still a shock. It's not what you ever want for a cat. But it's a lot better than it might have been, and I'm counting us all lucky to have a lovely tripod cat.


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8th Aug, 2008 19:07 (UTC)
Boy, does that ever sound familiar! I'm pleased he's home.
8th Aug, 2008 20:28 (UTC)
Running will be easier than walking, of course. But I've known sevearal tripod cats and they don't let it ruin the fun too much, so fingers crossed. Glad he isn't moping.
8th Aug, 2008 20:53 (UTC)
That's really good to hear :-) ::hugs you all::
8th Aug, 2008 22:12 (UTC)
He'll be fine, trust me, being a tripod barely slows most cats down.

Altrincham train station had Sparky for many years. He lost the end of his tail to a train, the rest of his tail to another train then a rear leg. He could still cross from one platform to another lickity spit if he heard the rustling of a McDonald's wrapper. When he was quite old, he disappeared and everyone thought that he had used up his last of his nine lives. Until a member of the Altrincham staff saw him at Stretford Station, he'd just hitched a lift and set up home there for a while.
He lived to a ripe old age, this is a year or two ago, mind, before the trams.

9th Aug, 2008 09:45 (UTC)
Am dead impressed by Jeoff's tripod agility! But yes, I bet he's pissed off about the shaving and the general indignity.
9th Aug, 2008 10:11 (UTC)
as soon as I shut the laptop and turned off the light he jumped up onto the bed and came to be stroked - for the first time since he got home; somehow that was like getting him back properly and I spent a lot of the night scrunched down, half asleep, scritching under his chin. he'd quite like it if I spent the day doing that too.

And y'know, our bed is quite high; I'd thought it would be a couple of days before he tackled it but he's been up and down at least four times now, including to *inhale* gooshy food with metacam painkiller on...
9th Aug, 2008 10:19 (UTC)
He's quieter than usual

He's thinking of ways to get his own back - those trousers may get considerably more than shed on...

and he hasn't come down to be sociable yet

He's worried what will happen to him if he does!

Glad he's ok.
9th Aug, 2008 10:22 (UTC)
Fat Freddy's stereo headphones... he jumped up on the bed the second I put out the light, bounced on us asking for breakfast and is back snoozing in the duvet, so gooshy food with painkillers have put him in a very good and maybe slightly stoned mood.

you give him dry food said the vet nurse? by the way he reacted to biscuits they thought he must get wet food and had whiskas and sardines all the time he was with them!
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