Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

When work life integration means life is work

Well, I knew I would be busy this month, because of the first issue of IT Expert, the new title that I'm commissioning content for - the plans for this grew like Topsy and I spent some of this morning discussing the technical details of attacks on in-memory cryptographic keys with upside-down cans of compressed air. The commercial client we had one piece of work for last week wanted another this week, and the remit on that grew substantially too (and there's another piece on the cards). Then Jeffreoy has had more trips to the vet than ever before, all in one week (and his leg is still swollen, though the abscess is going down slowly, we think). And I've been craving painting - I want to finish the cloakroom and the hall. And we've had to clear the kitchen corner to replace the boiler. They put desludger in the system today so we had to run the heating; it was a cool wet day and the toasty towel and wafts of warm air over my chair were lovely. And the recycling bin in the hall has vanished, so I want to try out the cardboard plaiting in my Recycled Containers book to make one from the pages I've torn out of house pr0n magazines (recycle junk mail in something for the house made from recycled house magazines - recursion!). And we saw my sister on Saturday and a friend on Sunday. But it still feels like a lot of work!
Tags: it expert, personal

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