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you need five a day!

only positive view of the economy from Davos

Bill Gates saw "no big uptick"; Michael Dell thought the economy was "OK, but not good" but Scott McNealy of Sun takes the fruitbasket view: "tech still has the shelf life of a banana. It will quickly go brown and mushy. There's an opportunity to
keep developing because people will need a new banana."


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28th Jan, 2003 06:41 (UTC)
Scott McNealy++

Will have to use the banana analogy with my clients.
28th Jan, 2003 07:13 (UTC)
We had a meeting this morning ...
... good news, still have a job, no imminent pay cuts ... but little other good news, more in my own journal in a few minutes once I've typed up the stuff.

Relevance: basically the view of our company is that they are expecting another 18 months like this and then hoping that oncoming light in the tunnel isn't something to "duck and cover" from ...
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