Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

The missing pot of paint

Somewhere in this flat is the pot of blue paint for the bathroom walls; it was the smallest pot I could get in the custom colour I wanted but then the bathroom walls ain't big so it is still quite full. It is in a metal tin with three pronged catches that hold the lid on nice and tight. I have not used it since 2005 at my best guess and I have put it Somewhere Safe.

It is not:
- in the cupboard with the gas metre; this contains white masonry and sunbeam yellow for the hall walls
- in the hall cupboard with the mitre saw and the plant pots; this contains two sizes of matt varnish and the custom eggshell for the bookcases that takes three weeks to dry
- on the stairs up to the spare room; that pot is more sunbeam yellow from touching up the hall walls
- on the stairs to the roof terrace; those pots are cheap white emulsion, expensive colour-changing white emulsion, watered down white emulsion for priming, bright pink masonry paint for the terrace wall, and another pot of sunbeam yellow (why yes, they do all seem to have been opened).

These are all the places I expect paint pots to be or where I have seen paint pots.

Dear House; I wish to paint while himself is away and will not choke on fumes. I should like to do the bathroom because it is the most achievable and least splashy area. Please disgorge the missing paint pot stat!
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