Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

That's not a mouse, it's a hummingbird with teeth

Suddenly Ratatouille isn't so funny any more. The darling cats have brought in mice again (we never had mice till we had cats) and they have been in the dry food cupboard. After the last time nearly everything is in jars and tins, but there were some packets they gnawed in to. Viz: a whole packet of palm sugar, a small packet of granulated sugar, a small box of chocolate covered cacao nibs (my birthday present!) - and a box of lentils de puy, presumably for a balanced diet.

And how do the cats react? The three outdoor cats, hunters all, are sleeping around the house peacefully. Ben, the indoor wimp who is afraid of his shadow has cornered two mice in the hall and had his way with them (his way is not very sporting, as Fezzik would say; he pounces, gums them, drops them and pounces again. As he doesn't play this way with twist ties or string, it's easy to see it's a mouse and himself gets to pick it up in a combination of plastic bag, jam jar and stiff envelope. We have cleaned out most of the cupboard (lift, check, disinfectant wipe, stack, lift, groan to end).

Tags: house, mouse

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