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Suddenly Ratatouille isn't so funny any more. The darling cats have brought in mice again (we never had mice till we had cats) and they have been in the dry food cupboard. After the last time nearly everything is in jars and tins, but there were some packets they gnawed in to. Viz: a whole packet of palm sugar, a small packet of granulated sugar, a small box of chocolate covered cacao nibs (my birthday present!) - and a box of lentils de puy, presumably for a balanced diet.

And how do the cats react? The three outdoor cats, hunters all, are sleeping around the house peacefully. Ben, the indoor wimp who is afraid of his shadow has cornered two mice in the hall and had his way with them (his way is not very sporting, as Fezzik would say; he pounces, gums them, drops them and pounces again. As he doesn't play this way with twist ties or string, it's easy to see it's a mouse and himself gets to pick it up in a combination of plastic bag, jam jar and stiff envelope. We have cleaned out most of the cupboard (lift, check, disinfectant wipe, stack, lift, groan to end).



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6th Jul, 2008 13:36 (UTC)
We have the occasional roof rat show up--all over the neighborhood, and this is a VERY nice neighborhood, in the rooves and attics and outside as well. As we have a low incidence of cats wandering by (darn it, and what few come are all very skittish), we leave out rat poison now and then. Shortly we find a dead rat and dispose of it.

We have had awful problems with pantry moths, though. We now are very watchful for new incursions. We have some pantry moth paper which guards against further infestation, but yes, we have had to go through the cupboards, tossing, cleaning, and replacing, as well as enclosing in sealed plastic bags those open items in cardboard boxes.
6th Jul, 2008 15:47 (UTC)
I could lend you Lilith - she's very good at rats. Her record is four in a morning.
6th Jul, 2008 20:24 (UTC)
not the Everything crackers?!

what's a pantry moth? clothes moths are a pain, but they don't eat food, just wool...
7th Jul, 2008 01:16 (UTC)
They eat foodstuffs instead of clothes. They love grains, nuts, and fruit. They eat better diets than most humans do.
6th Jul, 2008 16:23 (UTC)
I thought the mere presence of cats acted as a mouse deterrent?
6th Jul, 2008 16:41 (UTC)
I think they bring them in and when their toys stop working they just leave them - whereupon the little blighters run under the kitchen cabinets and make whoopee!
6th Jul, 2008 20:22 (UTC)
we live on the first floor (2nd for our American friends); no mouse is going to make it into the kitchen without assistance. The cats bring them in to play with, the toy gets smart enough to lie still (or makes it under the fridge) and instant infestation.
6th Jul, 2008 23:22 (UTC)
Wow... uhm... good for Ben? It isn't very sporting, but... if it helps.

I hate mouse infestations. We're right across from a huge field, so have always had the problem, and no cats to blame for it. But traps everywhere. A neighbor swears that poison works, but I really don't want dead mouse in the walls. *sigh*
7th Jul, 2008 13:09 (UTC)
I am very proud of Ben. usually he is a lump shaped like a cat sitting in the corner; since he started catching the mice he's been awake more, he's been wandering around and sniffing everywhere and he's been much more friendly with us and the other cats. He spent a lot of time trying to get under the kitchen cupboards yesterday, so I suspect we haven't had them all yet!

tanais has to use traps in the cottage, but he has solid walls. From when we had mummified baby rat in the corner, you certainly don't want dead rodent you can't extract...
7th Jul, 2008 18:09 (UTC)
Oh, good Ben! *grin* He probably feels useful, now, too.

Yeah, exactly about the mummified baby rats... yeesh.
7th Jul, 2008 22:14 (UTC)
D-: Yeuch. Poor you. At least Ben had some fun.
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