Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Ziplines at a concert

No, not the queue for the loo. Telefonica took us to Rock in Rio on Friday evening; I apologise for not knowing who either of the bands before Neil Young were but we had no program. No seats either and my back wasn't up to standing all night so I perched on a step and felt a little out of things but the sunset was red and purty, Neil Young was as good as you get to be through festival acoustics for someone who doesn't know your music and the evening was enlived by a flying fox/zipline over the audience along which people flew through the air in front of the stage.

The heat in Madrid is tremendous; the afternoon sun at 6pm struck me like a blow to the head. The Telefonica campus is carefully architected to add shade and humidity and breeze to the site; the city just sits there and takes the sun as it comes.

Back home, with the cold at urgh, coughing, can't breathe and the back status at cautious.
Tags: spain, travel

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