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Curse of clown initiation

Is of course, course of clown training, but after seeing the negative nuns at the airport - all in white habits, all silent - and with my spanish being retrofitted from latin, I get the most literal option first.

The Me hotel has a very trendy top floor bar with a glorious view over the city: white pillars topped with wheels and wings, a basilica tower, candles in hurricane lanterns slumping in the heats, swifts darting in the deep blue sky and a world of rooftops and high statues. One chariot races into the heavens.

Dinner is in a traditional looking restaurant that's in the corner of an upscale shopping mall with a display of hundreds of Minnie Mice in costumes from boy scout to flapper to goth. Apart from the fact that half the diners smoke non stop it's a pleasant if odd meal. Reconstituted salt cod with miso, tuna paste on rice crackers, fruit in the dark sauce on the steak next to a teaspoon of risotto and a baked garlic custard, chocolate mousse and passionfruit mouse. But the room is amazing, with the ceiling painted in Mucha style - maybe by Mucha - green and gold, celebrating printing and writing.

The hotel looks like a department store; white lit in purple. it's across the square from a theatre with a statue outside of Lorca in a suit with a bird in his hand. I did not know that the spanish actually sang Viva Espana. And if I was booking people in for a business trip in Madrid the night that Spain play Russia at soccer and win 3 nil, I would suggest that although San Sebastian is a charming area, somewhere less central would give a rather higher chance of any sleep at all. The celebration seems likely to go on for hours. Wonder if I can sleep in a bed with an iPod the way I can on a plane?


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30th Jun, 2008 02:47 (UTC)
I was wondering where 'negative nuns' rang a bell but realised it was from 'Shadow Black' by Tom Arden where he describes a character as being dressed 'like a priest in negative'. Liked the book, hated the characters.
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