Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Server Management: Green machines

IT is responsible for as much carbon dioxide as air travel. With electricity prices rocketing, doing your bit to save the planet isn’t just an exercise in corporate social responsibility: it could also save you money on your technology budget. And from blade servers to video conferencing, multi-function printers to laptops made of cornstarch, the technology industry is showing off its green credentials. Indeed, from the flood of announcements about green IT you’d think that being environmentally friendly was the key metric for IT these days. In the real world, however, getting the job done and hitting the budget are still what matter most, and plenty of suppliers are riding the green bandwagon for the sake of publicity. So how real is green IT? Who’s actually doing it, what difference is it making, what’s worth changing and what are the real benefits of going green?

I really enjoyed writing this piece for Server Management: I got to point out the basic common sense that so many people leave at home when it comes to things that run on electricity. I wrote it on a plane; if my carbon for the year wasn't already being comped by a company that does carbon trading in projects like methane digesters to take farms off the grid, I could hope that enough people do the sums and use some of the tips to make the journey more than carbon neutral.
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