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I'd just like to say...

that if there's an option to redesign the female reproductive system without the monthly cramps, I'd be heartily in favour; I feel like I've been punched by a piledriver and I can't even go curl up will I finish my writing (yeah, I know, should have done it Thursday instead of wibbling)



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26th Jan, 2003 15:09 (UTC)
ach - poor lamb ... one of the (few) good things about getting older is that all that nonsense eventually goes away, although the process of menopause is not much fun.

in the meantime, a hot water bottle and some clary sage oil in a burner always helped me.
26th Jan, 2003 15:23 (UTC)
clary sage and other oils that elinor pointed me at, raspberry leaf tea, ibuprofen, trying to get the pads on the cheapie tens machine/body conditioner in the right place... such a palaver!
26th Jan, 2003 15:30 (UTC)
bummer :-( ((((hugs)))) Consider yourself given a virtual massage. xx
27th Jan, 2003 07:54 (UTC)
two words - mirena coil - a coil infused with progesterone
prior to that, another two words - co-codamol (and) ibuprofen
safe to take together (co-codamol is codeine and paracetamol) and prescribed by my gp for exactly those situations...
27th Jan, 2003 08:24 (UTC)
ibuprofen liquid or melting things gets there by and by, but I wouldn't mind something stronger for sure. coil as in inserted coil? that squicks me a bit ;-)
27th Jan, 2003 10:43 (UTC)
yeah, inserted. pms and periods exacerbate the MonSter (MS) and this coil is known to stop periods in many women - and seems to have done, eventually, for me...

co-codamol is stronger and with ibuprofen on top it even knocks my MS spasm pain on the head... ;-)
27th Jan, 2003 08:32 (UTC)
I'd be heartily in favour, too!!

No cramps! No cramps! No cramps!

27th Jan, 2003 08:46 (UTC)
Redesign without blood would also be useful. You have my sympathy, and a passing recommendation of the mini-pill if you don't mind filling yourself full of artificial hormones.
27th Jan, 2003 09:36 (UTC)
it gets more tempting every month ;-) it's just that I'd have to really watch my weight if I react the same way as I did before...
27th Jan, 2003 08:51 (UTC)
cramps suck!
*big hugs* I SO understand. Def warmth, raspberry tea and cramp bark. You might also try the cohashes (red or black depending), although I'm always a little leary of messing with my hormones. Surprisingly cherry bark also helps, though I know its sposed to be for coughs. Also, tastes nice. Increasing your calcium and B vitamins the week before can help. There are some other chinese herbs that are good - I'll give you some when you come out and visit. I also vastly prefer naproxen sodium (alleve) over the other meds as it was developed specifically for cramps and is a stronger anti-prostaglandin that ibuprofren. That kept me out of the hospital when I had the worst cramps. Do you have that there? If not, I can mail you some.
27th Jan, 2003 09:35 (UTC)
Re: cramps suck!
there are some specialised period pain killers over here, but the non-prescription ones are way more expensive than ibuprofen, which works (it just takes longer than I wish and wears off all at once); don't think I've seen naproxen specifically... taking stuff the week before would be cool if I had anything approaching a regular cycle! I kind of miss the way it would be every 2 or 3 months before I went on the pill (I'd go back on like a shot if I didn't think it would plump me up the way it did before; it made a huge difference). Now it's somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks, sort of kind of roughly maybe ;-)
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