Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Food travels: worth getting to SFO a little early

Because the sit-down menu at Perry's is much better than the carry out sandwiches. The cutlery rules are odd; a real fork and a plastic knife. Go figure. And the food is that perfectly pleasant, nothing wrong with it but not inspired food that replaces the truly awful food you find in equivalent UK restaurants. And a step well above plane food, on the few planes that still serve food.
To compare, we had lunch at the Monk's Kettle around the corner from Guererro and 16th (which corner? um) with a friend who lives around another corner. Monk's for the beer, of which there is an excellent selection and Kettle for the food, which is delicious. between us we had a Lost Coast Blueberry wheat, a Hitochino white - very tangy and sharp, an 8 ball stout and the stout-like Death and Taxes. There are another four pages of draught and bottled beers from the US, UK, Belgium and New Zealand, so we'll have to go back and keep drinking. All of the meat is Niman ranch, the burger is juicy, with a range of toppings from grilled onions on, the chicken pot pie was soupy and tasty and the pork chop was almost as good as Mistral, although I didn't taste cheese in the potato cheese scallion cake: an american cook who has a light touch with cheese , joked our American friend? Pear cobbler and stout for dessert and we were ready for a post-prandial slump of the best kind.
Lunch the day before was yummy too. rowanf asked if we wanted to have brunch at Left Bank in Santana Row: love to if they actually bring us any food, we said, remembering that we ended up walking down to Thea, so this time we cut out the wait and went straight to Thea. They had run out of the regional sangria, which is made with an infusion of some secret leaf, but they made us a standard sangria with only a little pleadi. The saganaki opai flames furiously when they pour the brandy on the cheese and it took three lemon halves to put it out. Opai! And I couldn't remember what I had before but ordered the same thing by accident! A zucchini cake (grated) with a sauce including tiny cubes of preserved lemon, topped by grilled shrimp (or prawns, depending which coast or continent you're from) and over that shredded crispy potatoes - fries shrunk down to garnish. Yum...
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