Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Apres feu, le deluge

Three days of high performance computing, quantum pattern recognition, climate change, startups, battery technology, healthcare business models. Three days of fascinating conversations, ideas and projects. For a real writeup, see Video opera? What would you do with huge bandwidth and millions of pixels?  and Wildfire over at our IT Pro blog...

And three days of weather that went from 'you just missed the sun' to the usual San Diego May grey/June gloom, to a touch of sunburn in an hour over lunch despite the tan I picked up in Florida, to torrential rain. there's a cloud over the freeway ahead of us, ready for another deluge...

We stayed at the Glorietta Bay, across the road from the Hotel del Coronado; smaller, not as swish, with a much smaller pool but perfectly pleasant, and you get a free breakfast if you don't have to rush straight out every morning. The food at Fire is always good; I wish I hadn't been too tired to have an appetite for the sea bass and pesto sauce the first night. But my pork chop and grits at the Shearwater at the Del, and the clam chowder, chicken pot pie and crab shrimp sandwich at the Tent City restaurant and museum shop was excellent and much less expensive than I expected from somewhere as upscale as Coronado island. luckily the museum shop section closed before I got so attached to the stained glass panels that I had to deal with can I afford it, how do I get it home and where do we put it... 

And now we're heading north to the Bay Area via Vons for peaches, cherries and iced tea. 

Of note, in a fixed grimace kind of way. we just passed and Italian restaurant called 'Versachee'.
Of note, in a name-dropping way; I was discussing narrative styles with Bruce Sterling, who also enjoys Carl Hiassen and says Elmore Leonard credits his popularity to leaving out the bits people skip. Apropos of something or other, I pointed out that the legs men are supposed to most admire on women are found on drag queens and transexuals, and he asked why romance is written by women and pornography by men. I pointed out that women write porn (I'm wishing I'd asked if he wanted to read what I write) and he agreed, but suggested it amounts to men arousing men and women arousing women. Romance writing isn't about sex (and I expect there are ways in which porn isn't). There's the fact that women dress up for other women rather than for men. But maybe there's also who's the expert; a man is more likely to know what a man reading porn is looking for, and the same for a woman writing and reading romance. 

Ugh. heavy rain and heavy traffic in LA - and water in the LA river in late May. Apres feu, le deluge.
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