Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Ow, ow, ow

Sometime between sleeping badly, getting up early, taking photographs of the Eee 900, packing it up, taking to the post office and buying a bacon roll, I did something horrible to my back. Horrible enough Simon had to drive me home, help me out of the car, prop me up with pillows, feed me ibuprofen and finally diazepam and then find me an osteopath who was A open and B would stay late and see me. Thank you Cedric of Fulham Osteopaths!

This isn't the usual one leg longer than the other sacro-iliac pain; your SI is fine, said Cedric. So where is the agonising, I can't stand up, I can't walk, I can't sit down pain coming from, please? And did I say I fly to Florida on Monday? Maybe it's your LS. Of course in this much pain, he couldn't do all the tests and manipulations he wanted, so he put some movement through it, did some craniosacral work - and then the same gentle technique right on my aching sacrum, reminded me to use ice a lot and told me to relax. I find it hard to relax I said, twitching as he was doing the craniosacral; I've noticed, he said drily.

Cranio-sacral always makes me feel fragile and emotional. Something about the cradling, maybe, or just stopping. Today amongst other things, it made me think I'm not polite to the universe at the moment, because I don't trust it not to throw something horrid at me. I could do with stopping and relaxing, but for it to really work, I have to believe the universe won't throw a death in the family/wretched illness of someone I love/tax audit/house falling down/other Horrid Thing at me. On the other hand, if I stay this tense, I end up with Horrid Backache.

I also remembered we have cheapie toning pad machines that do something very like TENS, that I've found good for muscle pain in the past, and my regular osteo uses ultrasound and TENS style machines to good effect. So I'm wired up and being electrically pummelled. I wonder if I can take it on the plane?
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