Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Late nights and tiny notebooks

Being a guest at the HP partner event is fascinating; being reminded of the sales side and the dealers who push the industry along, meeting folks from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, listen to two UK dealers 'discuss' the member of staff poached from one company to another, hearing what HP thinks is economically important in the coming year. We had breakfast meetings and late night boat trips and dinners and interviews and an all-too-brief time to play with the HP Mini-Note and a tour of some of the HP Labs projects and a busy, interesting and fun time. There are so many interesting people at HP doing such a huge variety of things: giant posters and atomic detectors and tiny notebooks and toasty big data centres. Now I have to edit the Mini-Note photos and get some sleep before our next breakfast meeting and a chance to play with the Slacker portable Internet radio... sleep. I remember that.
Tags: hp, technology, travel, umpc, work
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