Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Your tomorrow today: just part of our last trip

When Microsoft couldn't get me to TechFest as planned, we decided we still wanted to go to a conference about emerging technology - how handy that O'Reilly was running one that week and that a friend reminded us at just the right time. It's like spending a week mainlining gadget blogs, New Scientist and Usenet but with other people in the room - lots of really smart, really interesting people. I wish I could have got to more sessions and sometimes I picked the interesting (food hacking, Violet Blue on constructing online sexuality) over the professionally interesting (understanding debugging, open source hardware). There's a big writeup over on Tom's Hardware of what we did see...
From nanoscale processing to measuring and simulating crowds, from phone calls inside your browser with Adobe’s Flash-based Pacifica service to Google on your phone with Android, from Google predicting the future to the Department of Defense taking nine months to build a wiki to speed up procurement, ETech looked at what might emerge next.
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