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Jailhouse 'Scoop' McGee

You've done your blues name, your porn name and your rock star name - but how about your reporter name? Courtesy of the BONG (Burned-Out Newscritter Guild) Bull, here is how to come up with a name 'suitable for newspaper bylines and photo credits'

Take a remake from each paragraph based on your initials. No jumping paragraphs!

PARAGRAPH ONE. A, Fat; B, Muddy; C, Itchy; D, Old; E, Texas; F, Hollerin'; G, Ugly; H, Brown; I, Happy; J, Boney; K, Curly; L, 2-Dacquiri; M, Jailhouse; N, Peg Leg; O, Knothole; P, Sleepy; Q, Bald; R, Skinny; S, Blind; T, Big; U, Rude; V, Toothless; W, Screamin'; X, Wrinkled; Y, Washboard; Z, Barrelhouse.

PARAGRAPH TWO: A, Bones; B, Money; C, Scoop; D, Legs; E, Eyes; F, Lemon; G, Mailroom; H, Hips; I, Lips; J, Fingers; K, Beernuts; L, Liver; M, Gumbo; N, High-hat; O, Mama; P, Spike; Q, Duke; R, Dog; S, Oysters; T, Tacos; U, Chicken; V, Pickles; W, Flash; X, Prunes; Y, Tooth; Z, Ace.

PARAGRAPH THREE: A, Smee; B, McGee; C, Raintree; D, Dupree; E, Green; F, Hershey; G, Jones; H, Rivers; I, Malone; J, Washington; K, Smith; L, Parker; M, Lee; N, Sanders; O, Fusco; P, Elliott; Q, Hawkins; R, Jefferson; S, Davis; T, Franklin; U, White; V, Jenkins; W, Bailey; X, Hills; Y, Blue; Z, Allison.

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