Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

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Design rant #1

I bought a fabulous labdorite bracelet (can't decide if the pale stones are labdorite or moonstone; they have the amazing purple blue light from the fracture planes rather than being just milky but they're very pale blue white). The stones are round and really good quality; the bracelet is sterling silver. And the **&%$*$%* catch is a nightmare; it's not that it's too small for my wrist, it's that there's a design flaw that makes it terribly hard to do up or open the catch (slide a bar through a ring, but the space in the ring is all taken up by the mounting of the stone because you have to push the ring over the mounting to get the hoop far enough away for the bar to go through so it's impossible to get the other end through). I'm going in search of a jeweller who can fix it for me now, but at least I didn't get handcuffs stuck in a sex shop...
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