Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

For that I could almost buy a real tablet PC

Last day of MIX, starting with an interview, then a session on IE8, then a chat with Vittorio about moving identity forward from concepts to real implementations then a final session on Deep Zoom. Last year lunch was the last thing and a bunch of people hung around chatting for ahlf the afternoon. space costs so this time it was a hard stop and security emptying the floor so we're taking our boxed lunches to eat by the pool and do some writing in the sun (which I haven't seen all week - last night we left at dusk to drool over Astonish Martins and talk about their Silverlight demo and went on to dinner in Bouchon; very tasty and the Row Eleven santa maria pinot noir was very good and very cherry). on the way we saw a charm shop with a lovely gondola charm. Simon spotted a tablet PC charm - notebook with pen attached by a chain, in two colours of gold with diamonds on the lid. $618 plus tax. The mini-v tiny tablet is only £600!
Tags: mix08, travel

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