Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Aching with achievement

Friday evening the_magician came over and we introduced him to Shark and Ratatouille and bacon chocolate; broadening horizons one square at a time.
Saturday we got up a little later than we'd meant owing to how long we'd spent enjoying friday and headed off into sunny Sussex to pick up natf and go take photos and buy wine and mead for saffronrose at the Lurgashall winery. They were tapping the silver birch trees for sap for wine and the gentleman in the shop turned out to be a Rex and Bengal fancier and we had a long chat about pets and Esmond Grey and the like. Then there was feeding of the parakeet, and us, and the cats.
Sunday I took apart my desk (once tanais's desk) as I haven't sat at it since I hurt my ankle in Seattle, removed Ratty Old Sven from the wall and replaced it with 3 out of the 4 layers of Expedit that will go there to give us storage for my tax papers and dictionaries and in-progress review kit &etc. I have changed my mind about the height of one shelf three times already and filled one bin bag and two recycling bags with out of date press releases. We still need to rearrange the wooden racks on which the server sits as the new server won't fit and I want a surface to put my twin 17" screens on as I can drive them over USB (and soon I hope wireless USB) from the notebook and this means getting enough space to put my desk over in the window. I will finally be sitting next to sbisson again!

As a consequence of all this I woke up today with aching hips and a yearning for Deep Heat ;-)

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