Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Tamper-proof CVs?

Three little words that send shivers down your spine: government IT project...

All 14-year-old children in England will have their personal details and exam results placed on an electronic database for life under a plan to be announced tomorrow... Officials said last night that the introduction of the unique learner number (ULN)was not a step towards a national identity card...The new database — which will store a “tamper-proof CV” — will be known as MIAP (managing Information Across Partners). To be registered on the new database every 14-year-old will be issued with a unique learner number. Unlike the current unique pupil number now given to children in school but destroyed when they leave, the ULN will be used by government agencies to track individuals until they retire. Ultimately, it will create a numbered database for every citizen aged 14-plus in the UK.

OK, it's from the Times so it may not be accurate but I just love the idea of a tamper-proof CV - and the way it will shut down most of the more venal recruitment consultants... I don't think I need to say why the database itself is a bad idea, not to mention unnecessary as everyone posts all those details on FaceBook anyway...
Tags: id theft, identity, politics, privacy

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