Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Unboxing the mini-v

I don't really do unboxing posts and this is pretty much - take the little notebook out of the box. No sliding drawers or pop-up hands or anything. But without actually turning it on, typing on it or anything like that, the mini-v seems pretty sweet. I swivel the screen to tablet mode and think 'ah, this is what the Eee PC is trying to be'. Must check the price before making comparisons: £700-900 depending on spec. Not in the Eee PC ballpark but not out of the ballpark, especially once you consider how much the extras you need to beef up the Eee add up to as autopope was just saying.

But the real reason for posting is to share the joy brought to me by the screen having two little buttons, side by side, labelled Launcher and Shutter.

(Yes, I know - shutter as in take a picture with the built-in Webcam, but it amuses me to think of an app launcher and an app shutter, for all those people who thought Start was the wrong place to look for the shutdown command).
Tags: mobility, tablet pc, technology, umpc, vista

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