Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Almost certainly not going to Barcelona

Landed yesterday; despite excellent seats and a pleasant dinner and what should have been a great flight, I somehow managed to nadger my back while sleeping so I'm a bit slower than even jet lag. Er than even jet lag would account for. Normal service will be resumed once we get Simon's accounts and my mum's posthumous tax return done, and certainly not before tea and toast. I've had several perfectly intelligent phone calls (well, I thought I was perfectly intelligent) but typing is making me feel a bit woo, woo, woozy.

All the phone calls that Simon picked up while I was asleep were asking 'are you going to Mobile World Congress?'. Sadly the answer is 'not unless someone would like to host us. We'd love to go and meet up with your clients, it's a really useful show, but we just don't have the budget for the flight and hotel at the inflated conference rates. If you'd really like us there the diary would allow it, so last-minute invites most welcome ;-)

Also, I shall try to collate the posts I wrote on the road that post-by-email swallowed because LJ believes my mail is spam.

Current cat state; Pebbles has her head in Jeffrey's armpit and her foot on Calli's back, Calli has her feet under Jeffrey's tail. It's an extended furry patchwork... unfeasibly cute!
Tags: pr, travel

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