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hello Danielle!

hey guys, I did my first bit of LJ proselytizing! This is danielle_uk who used to work with me at AOL on the Technology channel. Danielle really is a rocket scientist (astrophysics) so I used to be able to say that the AOL creation software was easy to use, that you didn't need to be a rocket scientist - but that we had one anyway!

Welcome to LJ Danielle ;-)


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1st May, 2002 05:39 (UTC)
I'm starting to feel we've all inadvertently become members of The Cult of LiveJournal.
1st May, 2002 05:48 (UTC)
Do we get to shave our heads and bang tambourines?
1st May, 2002 05:48 (UTC)
it's the people ;-)
1st May, 2002 05:53 (UTC)
What's our chant?
1st May, 2002 06:12 (UTC)
"You are green_amber and I claim my five pounds"?
1st May, 2002 06:56 (UTC)
Hmm. It needs some work, I think.

How about:

You are green_amber
I am green_amber
And we claim our five pounds

Okay, I'm going to quit now before I go with the bizarre plan I just dreamed up of rewriting the nicene creed to fit.
1st May, 2002 07:31 (UTC)
Credo in LJ
We believe in one LiveJournal (plus faster servers for paid members)
the centre of gossip,
the maker of friends and good times,
of all that is public and private.

We believe in cut tags (even if we don't know how to use them)
best friend of the over verbose LJer.

We believe in friendship and that someone that is your friend should add you to their friends list.
We realise that this means that the friends view scrolls far too quickly on 25 entries but we can't think of a better solution as putting friends into groups spoils the cross-fertilisation of friends of your friends commenting on messages posted by friends of their friends until we are all on one big friends list and it all becomes far too much effort to read.

We ask for the forgiveness of those who sought weblogs and point them at Blogger, and we forgive those who descended into DeadJournal (where, on the third day, you can finally get a response from their server only to find it is full of depressed goth muppets and broken relationships).

We believe in a LiveJournal everlasting (but without those boring annoying angst-ridden US teenies that whinge on in continual lower case and no puncuation and very bad spelling about how "britney saw darina talking to kev but i thought kev was going to the prom with me but bryan said that dave told him how tracy saw britney kissing someone she thought was kev and i'm like whatever and he's like whatever and anyway we're going steady and its so kewl" and they wouldn't know angst if it bit them on the butt but like whatever ...)

And we post for the community of the livejournal, the continual resurrection of dejanews and for the interesting bits from ntk, slashdot and the bbc news website.

In Nominet DomainServer, Filibuster et SexualEaling,

1st May, 2002 07:36 (UTC)
Re: Credo in LJ

Sorry, that's an unworthy response all by itself but I'm laughing too much.
1st May, 2002 07:43 (UTC)
Re: Credo in LJ
1st May, 2002 07:52 (UTC)
We need a prayer, then
Our LiveJournal
Which art on the net
Hallowed be thy code
Thy user pictures come
Thy comments be posted
In communities as they are in Friends lists
Give us this day our daily blog
And forgive us our quizzes
As we forgive them that post anonymously without getting their own journal
And lead us not into DeadJournal
But deliver us from miserable teenage goths whining about their sad and pathetic love lives
For thine is the free code, the userinfo and the interests
For ever and ever
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1st May, 2002 08:58 (UTC)
Re: Credo in LJ
*just falls over laughing*
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1st May, 2002 08:19 (UTC)
We belive in lots of LiveJournals... the chief end of LJers is to promote LJ and enjoy themselves for ever
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1st May, 2002 16:20 (UTC)
How about
You are green amber and
you haven't had time to
read LJ for two days
work is hell
cherry blossom falls

The minute I turn my back..

1st May, 2002 11:41 (UTC)
Let me know if you need a token apostate.
9th May, 2002 06:39 (UTC)
Thanks Mary! It's good to be here. Just got to get me a photo now.
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