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I love parrots in the schwingtime

Turns out I only have to sew the ribbon edging on *three* times to get it hemming right but before I go unpick and do that, I have to share this.

Courtesy of the ever-wonderful Jenny Crusie at Aargh Ink (who I learned of courtesy of the ever-wonderful tamaranth), who had the book as a Christmas present and was inspired to share; I found the slide show on the New York Times site when I went looking to see what these parrots dressed up to re-enact scenes from the movies might look like. Ava Ballard had 40 parrot pets who must have been very happy to wear the costumes and perch in the sets the family made; the photos are utterly surreal and only a fraction of what's in the book.



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30th Dec, 2007 21:00 (UTC)
Those are real parrots? Good grief.
30th Dec, 2007 22:44 (UTC)

"Mrs. Ballard’s Parrots is a collection of photographs of Alba Ballard’s parrots, dressed in costumes she made for them, a passion that led to her appearing in Broadway Danny Rose and on Letterman and Saturday Night Live. The pictures are funny (two sailors buying a doll a drink), disturbing (General Patton trapped under his jeep, and worse, General Patton putting the moves on an Army nurse) and evocative of the era in which they were taken (Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky, Freddy the Freeloader, Dean Martin surrounded by Barbies), but they’re also amazing. The parrots aren’t stuffed, they were her pets (at one point she had forty) and she and her family made all the props and backdrops by hand and filmed them in a spare bedroom. "

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