Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

What have I been doing?

As LJ post-by-email ate my festive post, there was festivity. And a post. We got to Jersey, we had a nice quiet time, I cooked Christmas lunch (and can I just say, saffron in the bread pudding if you have no bay leaf to hand), there were presents and pretty sunsets.

There was also some typing in of accounts and a long phone interview and some writing as there is Work to be done before we go again. More writing yesterday, including a fruitless search for a BlackBerry VOIP client (you're paying for voice and data and email; keep on paying!). I also died my roots (is blonde!) and made my jeans fit properly.

These are jeans I bought for about $7 at Old Navy which fit pretty well when I pull them up to just below my waist but the waist was too big so they slid down over my hips, leaving not enough warmth around the waist - and the very long legs triping me up all the time. I didn't want to wear a belt because that wouldn't fit the contours and the seam and belt loop at the back made it very thick. So I put them on inside out and used a big clip to hold a dart in place at the back so we could mark the triangle to cut out on the inside of the fabric where it wouldn't show when I inevitably changed my mind.

The plan was always cut out a triangle of fabric, finish the edges, punch in eyelets and lace up, turning the excess material into a stylish feature, but I was in two minds about how to finish the edges. I liked the idea of a smaller triangle of pretty cotton fabric that would show through behind the laces, but I also thought this bunching up next to my skin could be bulky and uncomfortable. So I went with hemming the cut edge with a strong but shiny woven ribbon - posh binding really - that already had heat sealed ends which I folded under to give little loops at waist level. It only took two goes to get the ribbon sewn covering the cut edge from both sides at once - I needed a little more easement on the 'point' of the triangle which turned out flat. The ribbon is dun yellow with a hint of gold from the shininess, the stitching is orange to match the seams and purple to match the lacing ribbon (and so I didn't have to wind another bobbin) and the jeans now fit beautifully.

This means I can safely buy jeans that fit well in the leg and the butt but gape at the waist - as most jeans do on me - and fairly quickly have them fit well. Go me... Glad to have that done before another year rolls around. Now to buy cat litter and do a gps battery test and make more to do lists and think of more things to pack...
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