Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Gaggia go boom. Well, phut-boom...

I thought a coffee would wake me up for the phone interview I didn't want to skip because it took a while to arrange and I can talk without coughing today. We use pods that are like coffee teabags in the Gaggia and they usually work really well. This time I let it heat up for ages, I remembered to run steam through it to prime it when I first turned it on, I got the espresso basket in place first time - but coffee was only coming out of one of the two spouts and just as I was wondering about this there was a phut noise and the pressure blew a hole through the bag, sending coffee plus grounds spurting out across the kitchen. And muggins here was making espresso straight into a mug of microwaved milk for speed, so I got a weak coffee full of grains ;-(

How do I work out if the problem was the coffee bag or the machine without distributing coffee all over again? I'm glad I wasn't still peering into the mug when it went phut but it was still a pain to clean up the spatter, especially as I'd cleaned that whole side of the kitchen when I moved the old microwave (and the new microwave and then the old microwave again).
Tags: food

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