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Can has bigger microwave, pliz; also noes cold, k?

Still bleurgh and spending the day in bed.
Good things: cats on the bed, books to read, nice things in the fridge, the new microwave gets delivered.

Bad things: the coughing, the blocked nose, the headache, the fever, the phlegm and the coughing. The microwave goes to the downstairs neighbour and I have to lug it upstairs myself. It turns out to be small. Very small. So small that although the popcorn maker will fit, the chocolatiere won't, so I've packed it back up, got an RMA and arranged collection for tomorrow (a good reason for buying from John Lewis), scrubbed the back of the old microwave and got a heap of crud out of the ventilation holes and heaved it back into place.

So now I'm wondering just how bad the melted plastic issue is; yes, the magnetron is behind it but maybe the gummed up ventilation made it overheat. Thoughts? Because getting a new one probably means trekking into town so we can measure the inside and then waiting for a delivery and with all the work I ought be doing before Christmas and this cold I'm not sure I'm up to it.
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