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If you're thinking about making a hat box...

Hexagonal would be a lot easier than round.

This came to me when I had a piece of turkish delight, out of a hexagonal box, after plenty of hours working on a round hatbox. I have some large hats - straw and a delightful huge black one that came from the ENO sale - and they get dusty and take up shelf space. I haven't seen hat boxes on sale anywhere and we have large amounts of cardboard from the Ikea TV benches we got for the front room and we didn;t feel like tidying a cupboard and long story short, big round boxes are hard to make.

The base was easy - sbisson made a compass that would both score and cut cardboard out of string and two pushpins, and I cut through the bits it didn't cut through with a craft knife. We scored an inner circle and cut eased tabs to fold up for the round upright of the box to fit to. Then we put the second TV bench together to get more cardboard and learned how to use the glue gun by gluing fabric onto a bar of metal to re-inforce the cat doorstop in the bedroom and moved the record cabinet tanais made for us years ago up into the bedroom at the end of the bed and re-arranged things like the exercise machine to fit it in.

Then we discovered that the two minutes hot glue takes to set makes it not really the best idea for gluing tabs onto a big piece of cardboard that you want to bend into a circle and while double-sided carpet tape is a lot better it's still a pig to get the tabs onto the cardboard keeping everything level and join the ends of the long cardboard strip and you need four pair of hands and a couple of silk scarves to tie around the whole thing to hold it in a circle and at this point gaffer tape is definitely your friend.

Then I cut wallpaper and lined the thing, a little messily, and dinner was ready and the cold I've finally developed had me coughing and my right hip that I somehow out in the night was really aching so I decided to leave covering the outside and making the lid for tomorrow and we had dinner and then I reached for the turkish delight.

A hexagonal lid would be much easier to fold down to a lip. I plan to score an inner and outer circle again and cut slightly eased tabs and bend them down so they approximate a curve. If I tape that on the inside of the lip it will hold in place and I'll have to glue a strip of paper around the outside of the lip because cutting tabs in the paper that covers the top will leave lots of little v-shaped gaps. Or maybe I'll just make a hexagonal lid anyway...
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