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Stirred rather than shaken

Microsoft's been on about the idea of being able to get information wherever you are, and wherever the information is, for many years. Information At Your Fingertips, Anytime Anywhere and .NET are all the same idea, using the technology buzzwords of the era when they were announced. I refer to it all as Martini computing (any time, any place, any where, as the Cinzano advert put it) and I include PANs, Bluetooth, modular computing, UPnP (or other flavours of Zeronconf like rendezvous) and a bunch of other technologies in there. And this week, I heard the phrase back from Microsoft in a briefing on Office 11 and using XML to crack open the treasure chest of semi-structured documents that many more of us use than we do databases. I've not seen the phrase pop up anywhere else, but I'm kind of hoping I can start a meme with it ;-)

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