Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Tracking deliveries - I wish

Last week I caught up with Jon Callas of PGP and we had a nice time agreeing violently about the HMRC data loss; it's the system that's broken, outsourced IT is a problem if it makes it more expensive to do it right than to do it wrong and why aren't we nailing up the courier company instead? You can read the conversation over at IT Pro.

But one of Jon's examples is how Amazon ships everything to you using tracked services. Yes, but, as he'd say. One of our Amazon orders - quite an urgent one as it's Zorb for dealing with Horrid Beasts - was sent by Royal Mail without any tracking. So it may or may not be the item they tried to deliver on Saturday morning - when we were in - and wouldn't give us at the sorting office this morning (they were fresh out of explanations as well; the Royal Mail complaint line, for future reference, is on 08456 112471). Could the police keep an eye out for my parcel while they hunt for the CDs?
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