Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Connect the dots (and the dates)

I set up a new PC quite frequently with all the reviewing I do; for Vista I have this down to under two hours for all my apps and customisations, for a review machine I'll be using for only a few days it's far less. It depends where the PC comes from as to how many tweaks it needs. The very gorgeous HP 2710p I'm using today has a US keyboard and as I've just realized, US date formats. I've already set the keyboard to UK, and the timezone, and the location. How about if when I changed any of those apart from the timezone Windows said to me 'there are these x other settings that relate to location and nationality; tick the ones you'd like to set to UK as well'. There's a nice hierarchical arrangement when I want to go digging through the control panel (well, better than earlier versions of Windows, some settings I still look in three places for first) but why not have a logical connection and pull out the relevant options in a dynamic view?
Tags: rant, technology, timezones, vista, windows
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