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UK ID card proposal - only a few days to have your say

Do you want a universal ID card? Well, it would be handy when you apply for a new bank account. It saves on the paperwork when you arrive at a new job. You don't mind that you have to show it to get benefits, buy a train ticket, prove your ID when you buy a newspaper. The iris scan isn't intrusive and it's completely reliable. You trust the government with the audit trail of where you go, what you buy, who you phone, the Web pages you visit... no, me either. Especially not as they don't always seem to count too well.

The guys over at Stand noticed that Lord Falconer says they've had a massively positive response to the Government's proposals for Entitlement Cards (yet another government proposal on ID cards, yet another government plan to commission a huge computer system, to be paid for by putting up the cost of driving licenses and passports by £10-£20) so they've put together an easy way to find out what the proposals propose and have your say.

There are 2,000+ government Web sites. It's easy to fax your MP with Stand. Many consultations have email addresses so you can easily put your views. If we get the government we deserve, make sure you're deserving a better, more accountable bunch by telling them your views. Pro or anti, sure or confused: democracy needs us to speak up. You have until the end of the month on this proposal, so do it today.

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