Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

What's in a name?

I was christened Martha for my farther's grandmother who brought him up, but I ditched it for Mary because about the age of 5 I felt too much like a Martha (Chronic Responsibility Syndrome, lifelong sufferer).

P for Penelope was always there.

C for Christopher I added at 16 when I legally changed to my mum's surname, which I'd always used instead of my dad's (so for Mother's Maiden Name I always have to give Grandmother's maiden name, which my mum always talked about reverting to); I was 'supposed' to be a boy and I was going to be called Christopher and she was so surprised I wasn't she didn't have another name. I was nearly April for the month, until my dad put his foot down. I thought if I was always going to be Christopher I really should be, it nicely expresses my unfeminine pushiness and I wanted more initials on my team pictures at school (weight training!).

I used to be maryb online, but that was gone when I signed up for an AOL account to review the service, so I picked marypcb and kept that account when I worked there. It's nice to be Mary Printed Circuit Board when you write about computers ;-)
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