Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Office Offline on my favourite software

EDIT: this works, slightly.

I'm testing posting from Live Writer.

I can't see how to choose a picture of moi-meme; this will need a plug-in. It does edit posts as well as publish anew, but I tried to quote HTML and it went horrid even with the handy block quote button so here I edit again...


I've edited the default LiveJournal tag provider code to something I'm sure I can find a way to post if anyone wants to copy it Let's see if this creates real LJ tags...

EDIT: not quite - it creates a link in the post that opens the tag page for that tag - but it doesn't properly attach the tag to the page. Can anyone who knows more about how LJ works suggest what the provider code would need to be?


And the post itself: fun Webcomic about Office.

Office Offline



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