Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

If copyright is the king's castle, shouldn't we pay the brickmakers?

Sumner Redstone, the 80something-year-old chairman of Viacom and CBS, is the man that Steve Case borrowed 'Content is King' from; he decided early on that as far as the money is concerned, it's the 'distribution, stupid' and his keynote speech at Dow Jones and Nielsen's Media and Money conference shows he still gets it.
"If content is king, copyright is its castle. Copyright compels creativity, it furnishes the incentive to innovate. If you limit the protection of copyright, you stifle the expression of self."
"Think about it: You cannot pay the rent posting videos on YouTube... And most aspiring novelists do not aspire to self-publish. You cannot make it as a musician, you can't make it as a filmmaker or a writer without ... effective and enforced copyright legislation."
"The time and effort spent creating and the months spent producing, marketing and distributing content is an investment; it is not intended to be a donation."
On the Internet as on TV "advertising will pay the way".
"We are now in a fragmented search economy, which means we need to extend our content beyond our own destination sites so consumers can reach it more easily ... The content mountain has officially relocated." (Does that mean Viacom and YouTube will kiss dollar bills and make up?)

Leaving aside the YouTube spats and the DCMA rights grabbing and the whole Melancholy Elephants side of things, I found myself wondering what his take on the WGA writers' strike is: they're the first level of the food chain in content production. The studios are saying on the one hand that the Internet has to be an income stream not a fan fest - and on the other that they don't have to pay the writers any residuals because everything on the Internet is promotional. That makes less sense than an episode of Lost.
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