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Our house, our haunt...

We've been in this flat ten years. I know this because we moved in on Hallowe'en 1997, making it an easy date to remember. The first thing I thought when I picked up the key and unlocked the door was 'I want to rip this horrible carpet out'. It's covered by a huge rug in the office and gone from every room, but it's still on most of the stairs. Project for next year along with getting the bannisters and stairs in the loft extension painted...
When we moved the biggest thing to deal with was our books. We have a lot more books now. Over the years I've made more bookshelves and after all this time we're merging and deduplicating the book collections. We've only had about 20 feet of duplicates...
When we first moved in there were regular power cuts and we had a notebook running AOL software permanently dialled in over dial up to share a network connection. Now we have wireless music and videos and a Sling box to watch Sky in bed.
We've done a lot to and in this house - we have count-em one-two-three-four-five flights of stairs from the front door to the roof terrace and four to the bedroom so I think of it as a house rather than a flat. New kitchen, refitted bathroom, new front room windows, loft extension with bedroom, bathroom and roof terrace; some painting, much Ikea construction, a new front door for the flat... The new windows in the front room meant replastering the entire wall, the radiator leak meant replacing the carpet and replastering the hall ceiling... We've fought here, worked together, got married, cleaned up fur from four cats, thrown parties, slept friends on futons, sofas and comfy chairs, run cat 6 through the walls with a really big drill bit, covered every inch of wall space with pictures. This is home...



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1st Nov, 2007 19:06 (UTC)
Congratulations on your home anniversary!
1st Nov, 2007 20:39 (UTC)
'Skim, skim, four cats, skim, they ran "cat 6 through the walls with a really big drill bit"???'

2nd Nov, 2007 18:20 (UTC)
you know how hard it is to get them out of the front room at night when we want to shut the door?
1st Nov, 2007 23:37 (UTC)
This is home... - and very nice it is too. Congratulations on your decade.
2nd Nov, 2007 18:20 (UTC)
thankety ;-)
must have you round soon (before the sudafed we have for you expires!)
2nd Nov, 2007 14:18 (UTC)
What said. How many years after doing all that cabling did you end up with wifi making it un-necessary?
2nd Nov, 2007 18:19 (UTC)
we did the cabling as the increasing use of wireless by neighbours meant we could no longer stream video wirelessly at high enough bandwidth for the media center TV; we use wireless mesh for streaming audio and that's more robust and Sling is low enough bandwidth not to have a problem. I'm a firm believer in mixed infrastructure; we have gigabit ethernet backbone for the mission critical stuff (email, backup, high quality video) and wireless infill for the rest. looking forward to adding a femtocell next year...
2nd Nov, 2007 14:28 (UTC)
Come to think of it our first anniversary in our own house will take place tomorrow. We've only just managed to put up and fill all of our bookcases (a baby will do that to you)...
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