Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Back at work - kind of

When we got back from the US I brought back a horrid cold - and I suspect I did a bit too much the day we landed, including an interview at Wembley, cleaning the study, an evening press conference followed by dinner at Wong Kei, whcih put me in bed for a few days and just sitting onteh sofa staring for a few days after that. I got back to work last week and managed an Ikea trip on Saturday and a lot of tidying up in the bedroom on Sunday (switching my bedside drawer plus two cubbyhole affair for a five drawer chest that swallowed lots of stuff and inspired me to chuck out or file elsewhere much else). But I'm still feeling really tired; I find it very hard to wake up, feel dopey for an hour when I do wake up and am currently worn out and on the verge of a headache after what I'd call my first real day back and not that effective a day either. Where is all my energy and can I have it back please? meh...
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