Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Twin birds on skates play in surf traffic

I know we're back in San Jose by what you see in the neighbourhood. If I say the guy is rollerblading his huskie, who does it sound like is wearing the wheels?

Took our morning off in Las Vegas slowly as I'm still a little slow myself - and thanks for all the get wells! we'd had dinner with our pr host at Shibuya where they had a whole range of new Hitochino beers - we had celebration and ginger. Not only was the food as excellent as ever but when I mentioned that the day before was our wedding anniversary Jeramy snuck off and came back with sweet little boxes of candy and white chocolate plaques iced with chocolate Happy Anniversary!

I wimped out at breakfast and asked for the peanut butter banana french toast without peanut butter - but we did get to taste the bacon and salt chocolate in Vosges and it's fantastic, as is the wattleberry ice cream. We walked up to the Fashion Show mall and still no iPod Touch - does Apple have manufacturing or just shipping problems? that's five times... Wandered into the Mirage to see the tiger, who thought it was time to go home... Very windy and sunny.

The plane was late and the guy in front reclined so far I had no chance of working, but we still had enough time for a shopping accident at Book Buyers and a double double with the post game crowd at In-N-Out.

It was so warm and sunny this morning that I tried the pool. I came out after two lengths in case something I'll need later froze solid and dropped off. The plan was to head up to Napa via San Francisco so we could take a look at the glass stall Kevin Siggins has on Embarcadero; he has a new torch and he's using what he calls kandinsky glass where the silver forms crystals of different colours as well as making big hoops. Luckily we called ahead and discovered he was at the street fair in San Carlos where we had a great time hanging out, buying neat stuff and eating tri tip sandwiches.

Drove over the hills and past the pumpkin patches and down the coast to San Gregorio beach and clambered precariously over the sand rock to take photos of the beautiful sunset. Which is where we saw the tiny birds, running as smoothly as if they had wheels or skates on, twinned by their shadows and reflections in the surf, rushing into the receding surf and then scurrying along and back onto the beach as the sufficient threatened to was them away like tourists straying into traffic...

Back over the hills on a sweeping road through redwoods, past the accelerator smelling of eucalyptus and ready for a quiet night in.
Tags: food, las vegas, travel

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